Rwandan mountain gorilla makes a tool for catching food

For the first time, scientists have seen a mountain gorilla use a tool to get and eat food in the wild. A clever young female named Lisanga watched a silverback from her group get stung by the ants he wanted to snack on when he reached into an ant hole. He ran off hungry. But … Read more

Gorilla Tourism Helps Rwandans Thrive

Do you ever wonder the effect that protecting wildlife has on local communities? On Sunday, the Guardian newspaper published an outstanding article on how Rwanda’s gorilla conservation program has benefited local residents. It profiles Console Nyirabatangana, a widow with five children who lives near Virunga National Park, where the country’s mountain gorilla families live. She used … Read more

Rwanda: Mountain Gorillas and Much More

A juvenile mountain gorilla says hello. Photo taken by Ellen Wilson on an Ujuzi safari in Rwanda. On Saturday, Rwanda had its annual naming ceremony for baby mountain gorillas born in the past year. The celebration is called Kwita Izina and attracts both Rwandans and international visitors for traditional dancing, art, and food. Kwita Izina … Read more

Lonely Planet ranks Rwanda park as a best destination

Lonely Planet put Rwanda’s Akagera National Park in the top ten of New in Travel 2016, its miniguide to the world’s best new places to visit in 2016. The park came in third out of 31 incredible destinations. In mid-2015, lions were introduced to the park after a 15-year absence from the country. Lonely Planet editor … Read more

24 mountain gorilla babies born in last year

This month, Rwanda celebrated its eleventh Kwita Izina — an annual ceremony in which mountain gorillas born in the previous year receive names. The ceremony brings international attention to the endangered gorillas of the Virunga Mountains. Twenty-four babies received names in this year’s ceremony. You can see the full list with photos of each baby at the … Read more

El Nault’s tips for a successful gorilla trek

In June, I had the chance to talk to El Nault about her amazing safari to Rwanda and Tanzania with Ujuzi Travel and Jodi Carrigan of Zoo Atlanta. She was a delight to speak to, and had lots of wonderful insights about wildlife, culture and having a truly memorable safari. I posted most of the interview a couple weeks … Read more

Virunga Highlights Plights of Mountain Gorillas & Humans

I’ve been waiting with  anticipation ever since it was announced a few months ago that Netflix had acquired Virunga, a documentary about Africa’s first national park. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Virunga is one of the last remaining homes of the world’s mountain gorillas, but it’s been threatened by war and oil exploration. It’s just across the … Read more

Veterinarians Help Mountain Gorillas Survive

This month, a new documentary about the Gorilla Doctors – a nonprofit group of veterinarians in Rwanda who treat sick and injured mountain gorillas to ward off extinction – was released in Canada. The film is not available in the United States yet,  but you can listen to a fascinating interview with the filmmakers and the … Read more

Crowdfunding to save the mountain gorillas

Photo taken by Ellen Wilson on an Ujuzi safari in Rwanda. British naturalist and science documentarian David Attenborough has launched a fundraising campaign to help protect mountain gorillas. The campaign, hosted on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, seeks to raise about $177,000 to support work by the conservation group Fauna & Flora International in Rwanda, Uganda and the … Read more

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