Featured Guide: Martin Muyenzi

Martin muyenzi

Martin Muyenzi is a native Rwandan. He has lived and worked in both Rwanda and Uganda, and has extensive knowledge of both countries. His kindness and interest in others has allowed him to forge many lasting friendships with international visitors during his work as a driver and guide over the last 10 years. Travelers describe him as friendly, patient, knowledgeable and reliable.

Kathy Terlizzi, volunteer manager at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Indiana, traveled to Rwanda as part of a zoo trip coordinated by Ujuzi. She says, “Our guides were both exceptional – always on time, very polite, and ensured all arrangements went smoothly. I spent more time with Martin and he was very well spoken and knowledgeable about Rwanda. He eagerly shared historical information and answered all of our many questions about a huge variety of topics. Martin is very well versed in Rwandan history, culture, environmental issues, etc. – a great ambassador for his country. He surprised our group with lunch at the Hotel des Mille Collines, which was the Hotel Rwanda movie location.”