Featured Lodges: Serian and Ngare Serian

Deck lounging at the family tent

Enjoying the veranda at Serian’s family tent.

“Serian” means “serene” in the Maa language of the Masai, and Serian and Ngare Serian bush camps are aptly named. The sister camps are situated on opposite banks of the Mara River in Mara North Conservancy, Kenya, and offer guests a peaceful refuge from which to enjoy Kenyan wildlife at its best.

Our breakfast at Serian Mara

Guests can choose to dine indoors or outdoors at Serian.

The environmentally conscious accommodations offer the perfect balance of simplicity and luxury. Stone, hardwood, and other natural building materials create permanent tented lodgings that fit the river environment as organically as the surrounding vegetation.

Guest baths at Serian and Ngare Serian feature luxurious tubs hewn from local stone.
Guest baths at Serian and Ngare Serian feature luxurious tubs hewn from local stone.
Bedroom at Ngare Serian.
Bedrooms at Ngare Serian have electricity 24 hours a day.

The furnishings evoke the safaris of a bygone era, with the rich colors of eastern carpets on hardwood flooring and swathes of cotton setting off the colonial-style furnishings and pale canvas walls.

Main tent and lounge at Ngare Serian.
The main tent and lounge at Ngare Serian is just steps away from the banks of the Mara River.

With six tents – including two family tents, three doubles and one twin – Serian is the larger of the two sister camps. Ngare Serian – which guest and international tennis champion Martina Navritilova called “a one of a kind experience” – has four tents and can be set aside entirely for a private group of family or friends.

Family tent

The family tent at Serian includes two bedrooms, two baths, a living room and a large veranda.

Each tent has its own private veranda and an adjoining bathroom with tub and rain shower; family tents have two bathrooms. Both camps offer family-style dining in a main tent with a bar and lounge, offering a great opportunity to swap stories with fellow travelers.

Giraffes - do you see a face or a vase?

Giraffes dine in Mara North Conservancy.

Guests have complete access to Mara North Conservancy, a privately managed reserve of 34,000 acres that is owned by members of the local Masai community. The conservancy is rich with wildlife; at Serian and Ngare Serian, it’s easy to spot hippos bathing in the river or grazing on the banks, and guests can see even more wildlife by venturing out with a guide on foot or in a vehicle. (Walking safaris are prohibited in the national parks, so conservancies tend to attract visitors who want a closer experience of nature.) Balloon and nighttime safaris are also available.