Genevieve’s Testimonial

I’ve asked the safari participants to contribute their thoughts, feelings, and reflections of the trip.  I will add them as they arrive in my inbox.  Here is one that was written, in part, on the trip:

Our safari so far has been absolutely amazing.  We’ve seen so many animals, many I never knew existed like bat-earred fox, dik, dik, and the secretary bird. We witnessed a wildbeest giving birth, stumbling upon it out in the wild. Very pure, sacred experience. We saw a lion and cheetahs stalking zebra and wildebeest.

The African safari experience has the ability to alter your perception of the world in a good way. Culturally, everything is so different yet English is spoken and US dollars are used making transition to the culture very easy. If you come with an open mind, you can leave with a new way of looking at the world.  Being among the wild animals and the native people is pure escapism.

Adding Pilates and/or Nia exercise to a Safari is ideal for people who want to continue their exercise practice while on vacation. What a great way to start the day before your game drives. Ujuzi African Travel has a high level of attention to detail so for travelers who care about that and want to be sure they’re taken care of, I highly recommend using Ujuzi African Travel to manage your African safari experience.

–Genevieve Schmitt, Montana

Thanks Genevieve!