Buffalo Defeats Lion

Have you seen the amazing wildlife video that’s been making the rounds of the internet the past few days? A group on an early morning game drive in Kruger National Park, South Africa, came across a pair of juvenile lions stalking a cape buffalo and watched for 45 minutes until they went in for the kill.

But just when the lions thought the capture was certain, two other cape buffalos came along and showed the young predators who’s really king of the forest. One of the bulls came up behind the lion and, using its head and horns, flipped it several feet into the air.

Startled, the lion ran away to look for dinner elsewhere, and the rescued buffalo walked off confidently with its friends in search of safer pastures.

I came across this video because I’ll be expanding Ujuzi’s tour offerings to include South Africa in the second half of 2014. But it’s a great reminder of the astounding and unexpected things we can encounter when on safari anywhere on this incredible continent!