Featured Lodge: Oliver’s Camp

Olives-Camp-guest-accommodation-Tracey-Van-Wijk-HROliver’s Camp is a 10-tent luxury camp set in the grasslands of Tarangire National Park, Tanzania, just a quick drive from the park’s Boundary Gate. It offers a secluded, intimate experience of the wilds, letting travelers experience the untarnished beauty of this part of the world.

The camp has a relaxed feel, and visitors can get to know one another and the camp managers over family-style meals or during sundowners around the camp’s main stone fireplace, which offers superb views of the surrounding plains. Oliver’s staff are some of the friendliest people you will meet anywhere and always welcome you with a smile and open-hearted hospitality. In addition to daytime game drives, Oliver’s Camp offers walking safaris and night game drives, where some of the best guides in the business lead you through a corner of Africa that offers everything from herds of buffalo to forests of baobabs.

Tents are well-spaced, offering plenty of privacy, and decor is traditional English safari with a modern flair—lots of canvas and gorgeous natural woods. The tents have excellent views of the savanna. There are few things better than enjoying morning refreshments while watching the wind (and perhaps a few antelopes) tousle the tall grasses. Private outdoor showers attached to the tents are a fun way to enjoy nature, and each room has its own safe.

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