Featured Lodge: Coral Lodge 15.41 in Mozambique

coral Lodge 4Coral Lodge 15.41 – named for its coordinates of 15 degrees south latitude and 41 degrees east longitude – is a 5-star resort combining one of Mozambique’s most stunning beach locations with the country’s rich culture and trade history. Situated within an unspoiled nature reserve on a spectacular peninsula, Coral Lodge 15.41 is a unique blend of contemporary design combined with the utmost respect for its unique setting.  Ten gorgeous villas tastefully combine luxury with authentic Mozambican style and simplicity.

The chef uses fresh fish and the best local ingredients to create a unique daily menu infused with the original flavors of Mozambique, as well as influences from Portugal and other international cuisine.

Because of its unique location, Coral Lodge 15.41 has a huge variety of activities on offer. You can simply enjoy the resort, the beach and water sports on offer, or you can satisfy your curiosity about Mozambique’s rich history and the culture of the Makua people. Coral Lodge 15.41 is only 10 minutes away from Ilha de Moçambique (Mozambique Island), an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Coral Lodge 5
Kayaking is a great way to explore the natural areas at Coral Lodge 15.41.

Water Sports

  • Diving: Guests can go out with a professional dive guide or on their own. The unspoiled reefs just off the coast from Coral Lodge 15.41 offer easy as well as more strenuous diving spots. The reefs are a mix of hard and soft corals, with many species of small fish. They are regularly visited by dolphins.
  • Whale watching: Whales migrate along Coral Lodge 15.41’s coastline from August through November. This makes for very easy whale watching. Jump into the resort’s motorboat to see these magical mammals up close and personal!
  • Snorkeling: A snorkel in the resort’s lagoon is a must for every guest! You can see a wide variety of colorful fish and coral just yards from the lodge. Go with the resort’s experienced dive guide for an underwater safari and learn more about the hundreds of fish swimming around you, including banner fish, pipe fish, nudibranch, lion fish, box fish and many more.
  • Canoeing and kayaking: A great way to explore the mangroves is by canoe or kayak during high tide. Find birds, mangrove crabs and other animals on your own or with the help of a local guide.
  • Sailing: Learn to sail the traditional Mozambican dhow. It’s harder than you would think!
  • Windsurfing: The constant breeze from the Indian Ocean is perfect for learning to windsurf or for taking one of the resort’s surfboards out on the crystal blue waters.
  • Fishing: Go fishing on a dhow and let our chef prepare your catch for dinner.
ilha de  Mozambique
Old Portuguese fort at Ilha de Moçambique


  • Ilha de Moçambique: A visit to Ilha de Moçambique can’t be missed during your stay at Coral Lodge 15.41. This former capital of Mozambique, built by the Portuguese, still looks like it did 300 years ago. From the lodge, you look out on the San Sebastiao Fort at the north point of the island. This fort was begun in 1558 and is the oldest complete fort still standing in sub-Saharan Africa. Many other colonial buildings have also been preserved. Explore the city at your own pace or let the resort’s local guide show you every special corner.
  • Makua people: To learn all about the Makua people of northern Mozambique, resort staff can take you to the three closest communities: Cabaceira Pequena, Cabaceira Grande and Chocas. You can visit one of their houses, the well of Vasco da Gama, and the graves and ruins of the Arab community that was founded in the 12th century. If you dare, you can try the specialty dish of Cabaceira Pequena: sea urchin.
  • African cooking: Join the resort’s chef on his visit to the local market and learn to cook his favorite Mozambican dishes back at the lodge.

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