Balloon safaris now at Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda


Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park offers an amazing diversity of wildlife viewing opportunities, from game drives and boat safaris, to walking and primate treks. Visitors can now add hot air ballooning to that list.

Enjoy flying at an altitude range from tree tops up to 2,500 feet, where you can get panoramic views and great photos of the park’s unique scenery and wildlife.

The hot air balloon safari provides a complete sensory experience that starts before sunrise near the Kasenyi gate. Watch the balloon being inflated as you listen to the sounds of the savanna waking. Inhale the fresh dawn air while you sample coffee, tea and refreshments prior to your flight.

Up in the air, you’ll get a perspective on the park unlike any other. Observe herds of wildebeest or antelopes traveling en masse. Hover above elephants. See the interactions of the park’s various ecosystems – forest, savannah, and delta.

After landing, enjoy a celebration with sparkling juice and a full English bush breakfast. There’s nothing quite like dining out in the open savannah, where you can watch nature as you get ready for the rest of your day.

Both children and adults are welcome to enjoy this new offering in Uganda. Please email Ujuzi for more information.