Meet Edward Kabagyo, one of Ujuzi’s Ugandan Guides

EDWARD KABAGYO copySince his childhood, Edward Kabagyo has had an avid interest in the animals of Uganda. For the last 15 years, Edward has been involved in wildlife and conservation within Uganda. Edward started his conservation career by caring for orphaned or injured animals, specializing in mammals and reptiles.

Working in direct contact with a huge variety of animal species, he has gathered wealth of knowledge on animal behavior. He is able to tell safari goers about the social structure of animal groups, reproductive behavior, hunting strategies, and myriad other interesting animal facts.

A member of the Munyoro tribe, Edward was born in the Hoima District in Western Uganda. He is married with three children.

“But above all was our superb guide and driver, Edward K., who enriched our experiences beyond beyond the abilities of a mortal. For example, on our first full day in [Murchison Falls National Park], we came across a group of other vehicles who had just seen a lion, and who were all parked together waiting for the lion to reappear. Edward, instead of staying with them, moved elsewhere, and within moments the lion emerged from the reeds and came right up to our vehicle, as through the two of them (Edward and the lion) had pre-arranged it. Every day, Edward accomplished similar feats. His knowledge of the beasts and the birds, the fauna and topography, is truly phenomenal, as is his ability to spot targets of interest from unimaginable distances.”
— Gary Barringer, 2013

“Edward is a remarkable man and a gem in The Pearl of Africa. We were totally taken care of with grace and intelligence. A joy to be with, Edward has to be the best guide in all of Africa.”
— Shirley Martin and Bill Allen, 2011

“Edward was FANTASTIC. We absolutely loved him. In addition to being a consummate professional he was incredibly attentive, caring and protective. I canʹt say enough how much I appreciate the degree to which we always felt safe and secure when we were with him. He could not have treated us better and we always felt as though he was committed to going the extra mile in making sure we had the best trip possible. I cannot speak highly enough of him.
— Steve Ruvolo, 2009

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