Featured Organization: Uganda Carnivore Program

lion on a rock uganda
Petra Kilian-Gehring took this photo of a lion on an Ujuzi safari to Uganda.

Lions, leopards, and hyenas are among the most popular charismatic mega fauna in the world.  Unfortunately, their populations have declined significantly over the past 200 years, due mainly to the growing needs of an expanding human population.  The Uganda Carnivore Program works to monitor and conserve important predators, working primarily inQueen Elizabeth National Park to find solutions that meet the needs of both wildlife and humans.

Projects include the Uganda Large Predator Project, which focus on scientific research and monitoring; and the Uganda Community Carnivore Project, which focuses on community-based wildlife conservation. The Uganda Carnivore Program does conservation education outreach in village schools, community outreach about how to safely live near wildlife, and community economic development via participation in ecotourism. Its community programs were highlighted in National Geographic online

You can watch a video about the project below!

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lion pair uganda
Petra Kilian-Gehring took this photo of a lioness and cub on an Ujuzi safari to Uganda.
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