The Penguins of Africa

We had an incredible journey today through the Eastern Cape to Africa’s southwesternmost point.

We started early this morning on a bus drive south to Chapman’s Peak.

View from Chapman’s Peak

We then continued on to Simon’s Town, where we went sea kayaking.


After about an hour’s paddle, we reached Boulder’s Beach, home to a large colony of endangered African penguins.

We saw several nesting.


The chicks grow quickly and soon reach the size of adults. You can tell them apart by their downy brown feathers.


In the afternoon, we continued on to Cape of Good Hope and the southwesternmost point in Africa.


Besides spotting elands (a kind of entelope) and a couple ostriches. The park also had an enormous range of beautiful plant life, all part of the unique fynbos ecosystem.

Haemanthus coccineus
Haemanthus coccineus


Check out more photos on Ujuzi’s Flickr page. Just look for our South Africa photo collection.

(This post was written by Kathryn Kingsbury, Ujuzi’s communications coordinator.)

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