Featured Lodge: Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Nyungwe Forest is one of the most endemic species-rich areas in all of Africa. Eighty-six mammal species reside in the forest and 14 are endemic to the Albertine Rift. The forest is filled with birdsong from the 280 species present in the park, of which, 26 are Albertine species and 121 are forest species. Nyungwe Forest is the most important ornithological site in Rwanda.

There are also 14 primate species, including: chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys, and the endangered golden monkey. In fact, the majority of the chimp population in Rwanda is confined to Nyungwe Forest National Park. Trekking to see our closet relatives is an amazing experience, although these groups of chimps are wide ranging and there is a 30-40% chance of sighting these primates.

Large troops of black and white colobus monkeys reside in Nyungwe Forest. It is possible to purchase a permit to trek these animals. Walking through a montane rainforest and being surrounded on all levels by these active and cheeky monkeys is not to be missed.

There are extensive networks of well-maintained walking trails lead you through the forest to various waterfalls and viewing points. There are a variety of trails for whatever your fitness level and interests. A suspended walkway has recently been built in the lush canopy of Nyungwe Forest. This activity lasts 1-2 hours depending on how often you stop en route. You walk to one end of the walkway and return the same way. It is important to note that the walk-way does sway and if you have a fear of heights, you might not find this activity enjoyable.

Nyungwe Forest Lodge facilities include a bistro, an outdoor heated swimming pool, boma area for outdoor dining and drinks, relaxation retreat with a Jacuzzi pool, fitness center, conference facilities, tea lounge and bar, restaurant with a including private room with private terrace, and wireless internet access in the main lodge building.

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