Elephant Tooth

What is David Solberg holding?!

As a member of the Association for the Promotion of Tourism in Africa I was invited to a special behind-the-scene tour of the Field Museum. Ever since it catalogued its first specimen in 1893, the Field Museum and their team of scientists have collected and researched thousands more.  Their collection is so big that less than 1% of it is on display at the museum!

Interestingly, while the Smithsonian and British Museum have more mammal specimens, the Field’s collection of mammals from eastern Africa is one the best in the world.  Their primate collection is the most heavily used aspect of the collection because of its diversity.

Probably the creepiest thing I saw at the museum were tanks of meat-eating beetle scouring the  bones of various animals.  I also learned that there is a species of shrew on Mt. Kilimanjaro that is not found anywhere else in the world!  Finally, guess what my future client, David Solberg, is holding in his hand?  ONE elephant tooth.  Can you believe it?

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