Balloon safaris now at Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda


Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park offers an amazing diversity of wildlife viewing opportunities, from game drives and boat safaris, to walking and primate treks. Visitors can now add hot air ballooning to that list.

Enjoy flying at an altitude range from tree tops up to 2,500 feet, where you can get panoramic views and great photos of the park’s unique scenery and wildlife.

The hot air balloon safari provides a complete sensory experience that starts before sunrise near the Kasenyi gate. Watch the balloon being inflated as you listen to the sounds of the savanna waking. Inhale the fresh dawn air while you sample coffee, tea and refreshments prior to your flight.

Up in the air, you’ll get a perspective on the park unlike any other. Observe herds of wildebeest or antelopes traveling en masse. Hover above elephants. See the interactions of the park’s various ecosystems – forest, savannah, and delta.

After landing, enjoy a celebration with sparkling juice and a full English bush breakfast. There’s nothing quite like dining out in the open savannah, where you can watch nature as you get ready for the rest of your day.

Both children and adults are welcome to enjoy this new offering in Uganda. Please email Ujuzi for more information.

Seeing the Serengeti from a New Point of View

Viewing the wildebeest migration from the basket of a hot air balloon was the capstone of Becky Raab’s Ujuzi safari to Tanzania. On the last morning of her 10-day trip, she arose at about 3 a.m., had a light snack, and set off with her friends and family to watch the inflation of the balloon. By dawn, she and her companions were in the basket, ready to rise above the Serengeti along with the sun.

“Being above all the animals and seeing the herds of wildebeest was truly an incredible experience,” she says. Soaring above the treetops, the balloon gave her a completely different perspective on the Serengeti than her land-based travels of the previous days had.

After flying high for a while, her group spotted a pool of hippos. The pilot lowered the balloon until it was hovering above the water, giving Becky and her companions the closest view of these great creatures that they’d had on their trip. Then they ascended for more panoramic views of the plains. “We got some really cool photos,” Becky says. (You can view some of the group’s pictures in the slideshow below.)

At the end of the hour-long excursion, the balloon landed softly on the earth and the group celebrated with a champagne toast, followed by a traditional English breakfast at a linen-covered table near the landing site. “It was really nice to have breakfast in the Serengeti in this big open space,” Becky recalls.

Joyce Bulgrin, one of the friends who went with Becky on the safari, called the balloon excursion “the perfect ending to a fantastic trip.”

Becky agrees. “It was the busiest day we had on the trip, but also the most remarkable.”


Tanzania Voted Top Safari Destination

Courtesy of Ellen Wilson

Giraffes are just some of the wildlife you’re likely to view on the Tanzanian plains. Photo taken by Ellen Wilson on a 2013 Ujuzi safari in Tanzania.

Tanzania has been voted as the number one destination for safaris by reviewers on Reviewers there recognize what we’ve known for a while:

  • Tanzania is home to superb wildlife viewing in top-class parks, including two Unesco World Heritage Sites.
  • Tanzania is a great place to view the annual great migration, where over 2.5 million wildebeest and zebra migrate from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.
  • The country has a wide range of budget, mid-range and luxury safari options.
  • Travelers have the option of beach holiday extensions on Zanzibar Island.
  • Excellent chimp tracking can be done in Gombe and Mahale Mountains National Park.
  •  Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, offers enjoyment for climbers and mountaineers.
  • Tanzania is a politically stable and generally safe country.

Interested in visiting Tanzania? Whether you’re interested in wildlife viewing, cultural excursions, lounging on the beach or scaling mountains, we have plenty of options for you. View our sample itineraries or contact me at

Courtesy of Ellen Wilson

Hot air ballooning is a great way to view Tanzanian wildlife. Photo taken by Ellen Wilson on a 2013 Ujuzi safari to Tanzania.

New Balloon Safari Option

Experience the natural wonders of East Africa from a bird’s-eye view. Adventures Aloft are based in Tarangire, and their balloon safaris fly over Maasai Mara in Kenya, Tarangire National Park in Tanzania, and the North Serengeti in Tanzania.

Balloon safaris give you an unparalleled opportunity to view wildlife in a way you’ve never before experienced. In its 15 years of operating balloon safaris, Adventures Aloft has maintained a perfect safety record. All balloon pilots have over a thousand hours of flying experience and are commercially rated on large size balloons.

Contact Ujuzi African Travel to book your flight today!

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