Caring for Kids With Special Needs in Kenya

I recently received news from a Kenyan friend, Margaret Njuguna, about her progress starting a home for children with special needs. En-Gedi Children’s Home is in Athi River, a town just outside Nairobi, and will provide both residential and day care.

Poverty and societal prejudices often lead to very poor care for children with disabilities. Some Kenyans believe that it is a curse or bad omen when a child is born with a disability. Because of these prejudices or parents’ work responsibilities, a child with a disability may be kept inside all day and not allowed to play or interact with other children. Others live permanently in public hospitals.

Margaret returned to Kenya earlier this year to start the home, after 30 years of international experience in community development with the non-profit ministry World Renew. She and two other caregivers are caring for two boys who are seven years old, and one who is two years old. One has spina bifida, another has cerebral palsy, and another has a disorder affecting the use of his legs and one hand. By the end of the year, En-Gedi Children’s Home hopes to be caring for 10 children.

Currently, U.S. residents who would like to donate to the home can do so by making a check to Set Free Ministries and clearly indicating “En-Gedi” on the memo line and mailing it to Set Free Ministries, 700 36th S.E.  Suite 108, Grand Rapids, MI 49548.

And if you are planning a safari to Kenya with Ujuzi, I would be happy to add a service visit to En-Gedi Children’s Home. Just let me know you’re interested.

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