Little Creatures Make Big Impressions on Safari

You may have already heard of the Big Five African game: leopards, African elephants, Cape buffalos, rhinos and lions. With their massive size and strength, these animals are sure to capture the attention of anyone who encounters them.

But many smaller creatures are just as fascinating – you just have to know where to look. A fun, pun-filled list of must-see safari animals called “the Little Five” draws attention to sub-Saharan Africa’s more minute wildlife.

Read on to find out more about the astounding ant lion, beautiful buffalo weaver, extraordinary elephant shrew, lovely leopard tortoise and resplendent rhinoceros beetle.

What small creatures are on your safari “must-see” list?

Ant lion

ant lion
Photo by Jonathan Numer. Used through a Creative Commons license.

Ant lion is the name given to the larvae from 2,000 species of related insects that look like dragonflys as adults. Ant lions hunt by digging holes in the sand and posing as ants that have become stuck in them.  Insects hoping to eat the “ants” get eaten by the ant lion instead.

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