New visa rules in Kenya and Uganda

Kenya and  Uganda have both made changes related to visitor visas. Kenya has introduced an electronic visa application, and Uganda has changed the fee for its 90-day visitor’s visa to $100.

The East African Tourist Visa — covering Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda — has not been effected by these changes. It is still available for $100 upon arrival in Uganda or Kenya.

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Travel Tip: Traveling with Kids to South Africa

Update as of 9/2/2015: A Child Visa Checklist has been created by a South African tourism consortium and is now available online to make the process of gathering documentation easier. Once you answer a series of questions, the site will tell you what documents you need for your child. Access the checklist here


Starting June 1, a new South African law will affect children entering the country. Any parent or guardian traveling with a minor under age 18 must present the minor’s unabridged birth certificate to immigration authorities. In addition:

  1. If only one of the parents listed on the certificate is traveling with the child, additional documents must be provided showing that the parent has the right to travel internationally with the child.
  2.  When children are traveling with guardians, guardians must have affidavits of consent to travel from the child’s parents.

Recognizing that the required documentation can be difficult for parents to obtain, South Africa’s tourism ministry is in talks with legislators to change the regulations. In the meantime, children who do not have the required documents may not be allowed  to board flights to South Africa or may be turned away upon arrival in the country.

The full South African immigration regulations concerning traveling with children are:

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Safari Without Borders

GiraffesPhoto taken in Kenya on an Ujuzi safari.

Wildlife has no regard for national borders, and when you’re out on safari you shouldn’t feel limited to just one country. Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda are taking steps to make it easier for travelers to see many of the best sights in East Africa. Starting in January 2014, tourists will be able to obtain a single visa that allows entry into all three nations. The visa is good for 90 days.

Imagine a safari where you whitewater raft on the Nile in Uganda, see chimpanzees in the wild, track mountain gorillas on Rwanda’s stunning ancient volcanoes, view abundant game, and finally relax on the beach at the beautiful Tana River Delta in Kenya. These are just some of the many activities available to you on a three-country tour.

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